Micro United Telecom         one stop solution for world wide voice service

About Micro United Telecom

“MICRO UNITED TELECOM the group company of Micro United Singapore provides an Enterprise, Wholesale and Retail solutions to any communication service provider worldwide. A comprehensive, flexible and innovative suite of solutions designed to be used individually or collectively.

Our solution can give you the flexibility you need to grow from a small to a medium sized company or develop your business as a SOHO and have complete control over your business plans, with our next generation technology and Micro united group backing we provide latest solutions and integrations whether individual Customer/Corporates.More

Our investments in highly efficient global IP infrastructure and state-of-the-art Billing and Routing Management System allows us to deliver best of the quality route for every call passed through us and our team of engineers who work passionately and continuously strive to provide the customers with the highest levels of QoS, immediate Resolutions to minimise the downtime.